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Angelika Leder Angelika Leder

About me: For about 15 years, I have been working as an executive coach, consultant, workshop leader, author and lecturer. Before this, I spent many years as a senior manager in the field of communications and public relations in various organizations including a large and well known international organization.


My objective is to ensure that predominantly numbers-oriented managers, as well as the the firms they work for, are successful over the long term. To achieve this, their ability for interpersonal relationships often needs developing. My coaching and consultancy work enables my clients to recognize the relationship capabilities they already have, to develop and to strengthen them and to use them more - and more effectively - than before. By doing so, they achieve greater acceptance, trust and support and are better placed to achieve their own goals in working together with others.

My type oriented approach to coaching and consultancy has been especially designed to meet the needs of numbers-oriented managers. It ensures that they are able to get the maximum benefit from their strength. There are certain typical situations, expectations, viewpoints, subjects insights, and behavioral patterns that crop up with my clients very often and ultimatly pose challenges for my clients. My many years experience dealing with these has shaped my whole approach to coaching and consulting. But at the same time, every session of coaching is individual, new and different.