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  Angelika Leder - Wie Zahlenmenschen ticken   Book

The first book about people with an orientation towards numbers was published by the publishing house Hanser on 10 September 2012

"Wie Zahlenmenschen ticken.
Stärken – Grenzen – Potenziale"

"What makes numbers people tick:
strengths – limits – opportunities"

This book condenses my expertise consulting numbers-oriented managers. It is a novelty, for the first time, it addresses the topic of "numbers people" in management. Of course, not all numbers-oriented managers are the same, but nevertheless, many of them share common behavioral patterns strengths and weaknesses.

I use a plethora of examples to show that numbers and result-oriented managers are able to drive things forward, notch up successes and further firms, because they are analytical, act swiftly, are results-oriented, focus on the matters at hand and are geared towards success. These attributes constitute their strengths. But focusing too much on these strengths can contribute to an increased risk of failures occurring. This book shows how numbers-oriented managers can change their behavior and what they need to remain successful on an ongoing basis and to enjoy greater acceptance and support. It is equally written for numbers people as well as those who work with them and would like to be able to communicate with them more successfully.