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Coaching and consultancy for numbers-orientated senior managers, teams and businesses

Managers who want to influence others in an effective way must reach and convince them. For this, you need to have and show a positive personality. It is possible to develop and strengthen this. I support my clients to develop the positive sides of their personality. My clients are highly intelligent, fast and analytical thinkers and powerful decision makers. However, most of them are more focused on facts, figures and targets than on people, relationships and emotions. With their strengths they generate impressive successes for their companies. But focusing on them too much may create failure. This shows when the commitment of others and their willingness to cooperate begin to wane and when trust, acceptance and support are no longer strong enough. In order to remain successful on an ongoing basis, managers and companies must find a sound balance between focusing on figures and on people, relationships and emotions. Therefor they often have to change. Especially strongly results- and numbers-oriented managers are talented to change their mindset provided that they really want to change and understand how to do it.