Frankfurt am Main
Angelika Leder Vorträge Lectures and Events
  • Speeches at informal gatherings / dinner speeches for senior management
  • Business events, spanning hierarchy and departments
  • Training events and conferences

  • Topics
  • How to develop a positive personality
  • How to increase long term influence
  • Why too great a focus on figures is not enough for long-term success
  • How empathy can be developed in a businesss context, what elegance really means and why generosity wins
  • Why bare figures and arguments have no effect
  • How to give positive feedback
  • Why logic is not enough to convince others

  • Situations relevant for HR professionals and coaching experts
  • HR congresses, conferences and training events

  • Subjects
  • Numbers people's capacity for change
  • How to deal successfully with numbers people in business
  • Coaching especially designed for figures-orientated managers
  • Empathy, elegance and generosity in coaching with numbers-orientated managers