Frankfurt am Main
Angelika Leder Workshops Workshops/Seminars

  • Board members and general managers of businesses in the finance, manufacturing and service sectors
  • Managers responsible for departments such as IT, finance, controlling, accounting, purchasing, production, treasury, compliance, auditing and logistics

topics for workshops
  • Conflict moderation and mediation related to a new approach, empathy, elegance and generosity
  • Improve cooperation in high level teams, related to a new approach, empathy, elegance and generosity
  • More Influence in challenging situations with clients
  • Team development
  • Team development with MBTI
  • Develop a common communication style for senior management Teams

topics for seminars
  • How to increase influence
  • How to develop a positive personality with empathy, elegance and generosity
  • What to do when contact and interaction become crucial
  • What to do when brilliant strategies do not find the support they deserve
  • What to do when others don't think logically or at least seem to be unable to do so
  • Generate more positive feedback
  • Successful speeches for large auditoriums, town hall meetings and shareholder meetings Coaching skills for managers

  • heads of HR and their staff
  • internal and external coaches

  • Professional, successful dealings with figures-orientated managers
  • Coaching especially designed for numbers people